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Hi, I'm Brent.

Are you tired of throwing money at "marketing experts" who make big claims about "more exposure" or try to sell you on some sort of new tool that "every business HAS TO HAVE"?

When you work with me, you don't get empty claims. You get real, measurable results!

  • Perhaps you need to get more leads for your new product?
  • Maybe you just aren't getting enough paying customers out of visitors to your website?
  • Or maybe your business is crawling along at a snail's pace, and you just have no idea what the reason may be?

I'd like to take a look at all of the factors involved in creating your problem, and then make sure you have the right tools and right knowledge to fix the issue and propel your company forward.

How does that happen?

It starts with a meeting. It could be live, or possibly online or even by the phone. Before that meeting, you will have told me what problem you are looking to solve, and I will have done some homework ahead of time. I'll check out your website, your social media, and whatever is important to the issue.

We will meet for an hour and discuss your problem. I will give you solutions. I will tell you what to do and how to do it. Then you go do it. And your problems will be solved.

If I tell you what to do and how to do it, and then you DON'T go and do it, then your problems will NOT be solved. But the good news is you will know exactly who is to blame. You can go find a mirror and give that person a proper scolding.

But don't take my word for my business problem solving abilities. I have plenty of testimonials from satisfied people who I have helped. Oh look, here is one now:



WARNING! If you just want someone to boost your ego and tell you what wonderful ideas you have, I'm not the right guy for the job. One time, I was even accused of being "too cocky" (not by my thrilled clients, of course) because a business owner didn't want to hear that his ideas just weren't very good. But the truth is, I stand behind my track record of helping business owners get over that hump and start realizing the financial freedom they have so earnestly sought.

I will give you honest feedback and actionable ideas. Your success is my success, so my only goal is to MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL!

The investment for this 60-minute session is $500. And yes, it is an investment, because it will pay you off handsomely in the future. Sometimes, an hour just isn't enough time to hammer out everything. The good news is that if I feel we need a second hour, that second hour is FREE. That's because I am more interested in seeing your business skyrocket beyond your wildest dreams than I am in watching a clock.

If you can't spend $500 to fix whatever is keeping your business from being a money-making machine, then your #1 problem is probably lack of capital, and that's not something I can help you with anyway.


By the way, if the problems you approach me with are not ones I feel confident I can solve for you, then I'm not going to waste your time and money. I will try to direct you to someone who may be a better fit for your specific issue. So don't worry. There is no risk there.

If you are tired of falling short of your goals and having to worry about when the next sale is going to come in, then you need to reach out to me right away. I will give you solid strategies that you can implement immediately to see real change in your business.

Just fill out the form here to request your session. Or give me a call. It may be the best thing you could do for your business!