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An Engaging Speaker to empower students!

Brent Allan speaks to students about the impact they have on the world, now and in the future. Brent vividly remembers his high school years, and now has two teens of his own. He relates to teens through his words, and then paints them a mental picture of the power they have to shape their lives and the lives of those around them, both for good or bad.

This highlights the ramifications of bullying and discourages it, while showing what positive social interaction and focusing on productive endeavors can do to improve their own lives. This includes not only academic achievement, but social causes, community service, and even building a business.

Brent is funny and motivating, but this isn't a comedy show. His presentations contain humor and stories from his experiences as a professional entertainer and as a "nerd" in school. The result is a memorable and effective program filled with anecdotes and knowledge that the students will remember.

Woven throughout the presentation is the message of "pursue your dreams", and that anything is possible. If requested, Brent can even demonstrate an impossible dream he pursued, which is swallowing a sword!

To bring Brent to your school or organization to speak to students, contact his office at (847) 986-9527.